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Sarah Oosterhuis-Broers

Family lawyer- divorce mediator

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Sarah has been a lawyer since 2009. She occupies herself with family and inheritance law across the full width and deals with complex divorces as well as extensive legacies. Because of her notarial background, she specializes in both jurisdictions.

Emotions play a major role in both family and inheritance law. In my work I am very aware of  these emotions, but  I also pay attention to the business side of the dispute. Involvement in a case is my priority. I have a no-nonsense attitude with an eye for the human aspect in the case and I am always looking for a practical solution to the dispute. Preferably I dissolve a case in mutual consultation with the counterparty, but if this is not possible then I am not afraid to go to court.

Besides studying Dutch Law, I also studied Notarial Law. I am a member of both the Association for Family and Inheritance Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS) as the Association of Dutch Property Law Lawyers (VEAN). I am also working as a (divorce) mediator.

Because of my thorough knowledge of the English language, I also regularly assist international clients.

University: Tilburg & Nijmegen
Lawyer since: January 2009
Specialists associations: VEAN-advocaat: uw erfrechtspecialist!     vereniging van Familierecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators  
Additional positions: Member Ladies’ Circle de Kempen

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