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Sander Baetens

Family lawyer- divorce mediator

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The optimal way of dealing with matters in family- or inheritance law requires a combination of juridical expertise and experience, understanding of as well as acknowledging the emotional interests of the people involve and an energetic approach. These aspects – together with the creation of explicit expectations on the clients side regarding the result as well as the costs – are characteristic for Sander Baetens as a lawyer and divorce mediator.

Since 2006 I almost entirely occupy myself with divorces and cases on inheritance law. During this period the emphasis shifted to cases such as complex property law matters like the settle-ment of extensive estates the execution of marriage contracts combined with (business)assets, spousal- and child maintenance  cases and divorce mediations.

To serve my clients in the best possible way I have taken the post-doctoral specialization courses in both family- and inheritance law of the Instituut voor Mediation- en Familierecht-opleidingen (IMFO), which I have both completed cum laude. Furthermore I have completed the IMFO basis- and specialization course in divorce mediation.

The greatest satisfaction I gain from the cooperation with my clients. No one benefits from lengthy lack of clarity and uncertainty. My approach is to inform my clients as soon as possible about the chances and risks and determine a strategy together with them. Creating clarity on expectations, being „on call“, working specific and efficient for the most optimal result, at law of otherwise; that is what I strive for!

University: Tilburg
Lawyer since: August 2006
Specialists associations: VEAN-advocaat: uw erfrechtspecialist!     vereniging van Familierecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators     MfN-registermediator
Additional positions: - member Board of Representatives of the NBA
- member of several consultative bodies in the field of family- and inheritance law

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