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In the Bar Association Magarine in 2006 Ruben Alderse Baas was described as one of the high potentials under age of 35. Besides his practice he is a member of the General Board of the Dutch Bar Association. Ruben owned his own law firm in Groningen and after moving to the Randstad conurbation he strengthens the team in (mainly) Amsterdam. He has completed the inheritance law course and is therefore specialized in inheritance law.

In the settlement of an estate emotions could prevent finding a solution. In my work I always look for possibilities. That requires the ability to make choices and see things from a distance. I aim to find the proper balance between the interests and the emotions: a sustainable solution is what counts!

Before specializing in inheritance law I have also taken note of in bankruptcy law. I also combine entrepreneurship and managerial experience with the empathy factor.

In the Dutch Bar Association I am engaged in innovation and digitalizing. It is time for change within the legal profession at that level. I apply knowledge and as well as skill in the guidance of my clients. A modern and fresh approach to achieve the best possible result in the given circumstances. The human factor and the client’s wishes must always be taken into consideration. Inheritance law is increasingly the territory of both the notary and the lawyer. I guarantee biased representation of interests that adds to an effective as well as a sustainable solution.

University: Groningen
Lawyer since: February 2010
Specialists associations: VEAN-advocaat: uw erfrechtspecialist!     (candidate member)    
Additional positions: - member of the General Council of the Dutch Bar Association;
- candidate member of the Association of Dutch Inheritance Law Lawyers;
- member of the Dutch Association for Procedural Law;
- member of Pro Excolendo Iure Patrio.

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