Rob van Coolwijk

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Rob van Coolwijk

Family lawyer- divorce mediator / partner

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In his practice Rob van Coolwijk assists clients in divorce and all the related issues such as maintenance, the details of the care of the children and property-law settlements. A substantial part of his practice consists of divorce mediation. In addition, he advises and litigates.

In most of my cases I manage to resolve the matter by mutual agreement through mediation or consultation with the other party. If there is no other option, the court will be asked for a judgment. In such cases, I am there for my client.

Clients describe me as an analytical legal expert. They say about me: “He has a great eye for solving problems creatively and practically”. “Rob has integrity, is enthusiastic and firm in his conclusions and decision-making”. “Rob is easy to reach and always willing to listen”.

I easily make good contact and am open to possible criticism. Fellow lawyers – both in and outside the firm – find it pleasant to spar with me in complex cases, because of my experience in and knowledge of family law.

I have been chairman of the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS) from November 2012 to November 2015. The vFAS is a nationwide association of more than 1,000 lawyers and divorce mediators who specialise in family law.

In addition to my practice, I regularly give lectures and courses on family law to other lawyers and service providers. I also publish articles on family law issues in (legal) magazines and blogs on a regular basis.

University: Nijmegen
Lawyer since: October 2001
Specialists associations: vereniging van Familierecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators     MfN-registermediator
Additional positions: - chief editor Knowledge base Split Online

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