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Paul Sliepenbeek

Family lawyer- divorce mediator / partner

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Paul Sliepenbeek has been a lawyer for over 34 years now, of which more than 25 years as a specialized family lawyer and as vFAS lawyer-divorce mediator. His practice focuses in particular on assisting and advising entrepreneurs and/or their partners and wealthy private individuals, whether or not in the context of divorce mediation, giving a second opinion and wrenching loose deadlocked separation problems.

This probably also has to do with my “greying hair”, but my work is increasingly a matter of conducting constructive negotiations and me playing a more coaching role, but when legal proceedings are necessary, this is also something that suits me.

Working analytically and practically, not making things bigger than they really are. My aim is to be target-oriented, both during negotiations as well as in legal proceedings, but keeping in mind the human side of the issues concerned. I think this is also how people see me (winner of the Dutch television program 'Grootmeesters' and several times of 'De Gouden Zandloper'). At a high legal level.

Not only the law practice has shaped me in my profession and as a person, but my expertise and skills have also been developed by the chairmanship of the VAS, the forerunner of the vFAS, and by giving courses as part of training programs (Netherlands Bar Association and vFAS) as well as by working as a deputy justice at the Court of Appeal. Also my other additional positions have played a major part in that. I am married (to a family lawyer of all people) and we have four children (who have already left the nest).

I am pleased with our niche firm with complementary specialties such as inheritance law and juvenile law. Having offices in Amsterdam as well as in Eindhoven it is: A One on the A2!

University: Tilburg
Lawyer since: July 1983
Specialists associations: vereniging van Familierecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators     MfN-registermediator
Additional positions: - deputy justice at the Court of Appeal Amsterdam
- chairman Board of Appeal for Examinations at the Erasmus University Rotterdam
- member Disciplinary Board of the Disciplinary Law Divorce Mediation Foundation
- member editorial board “Relatierecht en Praktijk” (REP) and Monografieën (Echt)scheidingsrecht

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